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Most Haunted Places in London: A Tour Guide

London has its fair share of ghostly stories that intrigue and entice thousands of tourists every single year.

If you are thinking of booking a haunted tour in London, look no further. Let us know here at Yellow Moon Tours what is on your ghostly bucket list and we will create a bespoke private tour for you.

Our favourite most haunted places in London tour guide would include:

  1. The Ten Bells
  2. The Langham Hotel
  3. Liverpool Street Station
  4. The Tower of London

1. The Ten Bells

If you are looking for a quick drink and sit-down, this historic pub is a popular haunt for many ghost lovers and pub-goers alike. With live music, quiz nights, and beer on tap, The Ten Bells has an amazing atmosphere that will leave you feeling spooked. However, the pub’s dark history connecting it to Jack the Ripper has made this a popular location for paranormal investigators to explore when the lights go off. 

Rumours have suggested that Jack the Ripper used to wait for his drunken victims at The Ten Bells. This is suggested as two of his victims, Mary Kelly and Annie Chapman, either left the pub and then were found mutilated or were within walking distance of the pub when they were found. 

Not only have many suggested seeing the ghosts of the ladies, but there have also been reports of the staff witnessing a disappearing Victorian-dressed man in the establishment. Maybe at this pub, you can solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper.

Creating a specialist private tour of London through Yellow Moon Tours will help you to see all of the spooky haunts on your London bucket list. Our tour guides bring together stories alive with local specialists, professional actors, and artists. There is no better way to learn about the chilling murders committed by Jack the Ripper. 

2. The Langham Hotel

One of the most popular haunts for seasoned investigators in London is The Langham Hotel, more specifically Room 333.  

When the hotel first opened in 1865, it was heralded for its comfort and class, revolutionising the hotel experience with hydraulic lifts and electric lights. But with many historic hotels, tragedy, and heartbreak litter its history, in addition to the glitz and glamour. 

It has been suggested that there are at least five recurring ghosts that both staff and guests witness at the Langham Hotel. This includes the apparition of a German prince who threw himself out of an upper-story window. Guests have reported a drop in temperature combined with his ghostly form gliding through walls and doors.

Room 333 is said to be the most chilling room with guests fleeing the room in the middle of the night after a spook. It has been said that the apparition in this room is dressed in Victorian evening wear with the bottom part of their legs missing – what a fright.

Popular Youtube paranormal investigator duo Sam and Colby have a detailed video of their experience at the Langham Hotel. 

For a spooky watch, check out the video here:

3. Liverpool Street Station

It is already a popular commuter hotspot, but did you know Liverpool Street Station has a dark history too? 

Many people have died within tube station walls, but did you know that when building the tunnels of the tube, workers have had to dig through layers of soil and clay containing the bodies of murder victims, plague victims, and a whole array of other dead bodies. Many paranormal investigators have commented that the disturbance of a body’s resting place can cause a surge in paranormal activity

So let’s focus on the creepy hauntings of Liverpool Street Station. It has been reported that people often hear the screams of a ‘crazy woman’. Now, these statements may seem harsh or unmediated, after all the urge to scream for eternity does not sound like a pleasant prospect.

However, where Liverpool Street station stands, there once stood Bethlehem Royal Hospital. Erected in 1247, the infirmary started to treat mentally unwell patients in the 14th century – this was from then on hailed the first mental institution in England. It has been suggested that many patients were often mistreated, with combinations of punishment and religious devotion being used to treat patients, this included the use of chains, stocks, and manacles. 

It has been rumoured that the screams heard in Liverpool Street Station are the remnants of a woman who was ‘treated’ at the hospital. These same reports have claimed that in her life she would cling to a small coin and if someone tried to take away her coin, she would scream loudly. In her death, someone stole the coin and so was buried without, therefore she roams the tunnels of Liverpool Street Station on a mission to scream for her coin. 

Why not add this tube stop to your tour and leave the woman a nice offering?

Liverpool street tube station on a haunted tour of London
It has been rumoured that the screams heard in Liverpool Street Station are the remnants of a woman who was ‘treated’ at the hospital.

4. The Tower of London

A tourist hotspot, The Tower of London is perfect to get a different perspective of haunted locations. The Tower of London is perfect for those on tours with younger children and those less inclined to frights. 

The history of The Tower of London has an immensely interesting history with many iconic British historic figures walking the halls and even dying on the property.

This includes being the location for Guy Fawkes’ immense torture, Henry VI who was murdered at the altar of the Private Chapel in 1471, and Walter Raleigh who was imprisoned three times in The Tower. Raleigh’s days here were not pleasant and it is clear to see why he might still be roaming the halls.

The Tower of London on a haunted tour in London
The history of The Tower of London has an immensely interesting history with many iconic British historic figures walking the halls.

We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of some of the most haunted places in London. Discover these locations and more on a bespoke tour of the most haunted places in London with Yellow Moon Tours today.

For inquiries or questions, contact us today at info@yellowmoontours.com or on +02032903665 to book your private tour today or check out our Instagram page.

Written by Luthien for Yellow Moon Tours.



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